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Instrument for assessing Children’s Constitution

In the Companion From Special Needs to Realizing Your Full Potential you will find more about the purpose and application of the instrument (ICC). See chapter 6: Diagnostics and the 4-Step Approach and chapter 9: ICC, Instrument for assessing children's constitution. This companion can be downloaded free of charge.

Privacy statement ICC

By filling out information in the Instrument for assessing Children’s Constitution (ICC) you agree that Kingfisher Foundation collects and uses your information as specified below.


Purpose of the data

Information filled out in the ICC is collected and used anonymously for scientific research by the Association Kingfisher Foundation, located in Zeist (NL). The information is stored for at least ten years. The research results can be made publicly available by Kingfisher Foundation, but individual and personal data will not be made public. Published research results are therefore never traceable to you or your client. The individual scores and impressions will not be shared with third parties. The age and gender of the client, the impression about the client, the resulting scores and the date and time of filling out will be saved.

Your Internet protocol (IP) address and you email address will not be saved nor shared with third parties. Your email address will be used once by the Kingfisher Group to automatically send you your client's constitution profile. You cannot be traced through your results via your email or IP-address.


Collecting and storing information

The information as mentioned above will temporarily be saved on this website, and later be saved in a secured place (encrypted and with password) at the the designated researcher within the Kingfisher Foundation.


Looking into your data, adjust or delete

As the results cannot be traced back to you or your client, you cannot be shown the filled-out data, nor can the data be adjusted or deleted upon request.


Procedure in case of data leakage

Since contact information is not stored, we cannot inform you or your client in case data leakage.


Tracking cookies

In the ICC we apply the same tracking cookies policy as for the rest of the website. You can find our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at

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